Unboxing MyPetIC.com's Pet IC Tag

Hi all! In MyPetIC, we prioritize transparency. Today we created this post as we wanted to show you the experience of getting your very own customized MyPetIC IC Tag.

Here's what you'll receive from us:

1) Customized Pet IC Card 

2) Key Ring

3) Card Packaging

4) Double protection, clear plastic seal for your Custom IC and for the card

1. Double Protection

We want your MyPetIC tags to stay protected. Upon receiving your order, you would receive a custom designed card which is sealed in plastic. Your pet IC tag inside is also sealed with plastic, to ensure that it gets to you safely.

2. Your MyPetIC Tag

Open your card to be greeted by your very own, customized Pet IC Tag; the only one in the world.

Get it here.

3) MyPetIC's Promise, Mission, and Identity

Everything is designed and worded clearly as we believe in transparency; you should understand fully what you're getting from www.MyPetIC.com. For a clearer picture, click here.

Hook it on your dog's collar, and your dog has an easily distinguished identity.


And that's the entire process of getting your own MyPetIC IC Tags. Get yours here now!

We are always striving to improve and make your experience better. For questions, comments and feedback, please contact us here.