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Q: How long does it take for the ICs to arrive?

With our new material and manufacturing process in place, your item will take slightly longer to produce and ship. Please note that we will be putting in place a system to consolidate orders to make the manufacturing process as efficient as possible. As such, orders will be collated and sent to our manufacturers at the end of every month. This is to help us cut cost and make the Pet IC as affordable as we can to the public.

As each order is custom made and detailed to your fur friend, we seek your kind understanding that your order may take up to 1-3 weeks, varying to the size of the batch. Once your item is ready to be shipped or if there have been some delay, we will notify you accordingly via text or email. 

1) SingPost Normal Postage ($1.50)

2) SingPost registered postage with tracking ($4)

Q: What are MyPetIC tags made of?

Our new Pet IC tags are made with a durable and light PVC material and further enforced with a durable coating to ensure it survives the punishment your naughty fur friend might get involved in! Our tags are made of a high quality, lightweight and waterproof material, making it perfect for pets of all sizes. 

weight: 1.25 Grams 

Q: Would the ICs fit on my Pet?

After much testing, we found that this is the size that would best fit dogs/cats of all sizes, so don't worry, it would fit nicely on their collar :) 

Sizes available: 4cm x 5cm and 4cm x 3cm

We are currently looking into providing a cage option, so all you hamster, rabbits and bird owners, keep a look out on our site ;)

Q: Is it possible to purchase multiple ICs for multiple pets at once?

For multiple purchases, simply select custom IC tag again and fill up the form again with your new pet details

Q: What kind of payment modes do you accept?

We only accept Bank transfer and PayPal. We do not do cash on delivery.

Q: Are there any legal issues with purchasing these?

These are souvenir/novelty items that is NOT meant to be used as an actual Identity Card at any official facility. We are not responsible for owners who choose to use it as an official Identity Card. 

Also, you'd get a really cool card that really looks like the real thing :)

Q: Do you customize cards to my preference?

Your Pet tag can be customized at NO additional cost, your satisfaction is all that matters to us :) Simply drop us a mail at sales@mypetic.com about any idea/design you might have.

Q: How can I become your retailer/partner?

Please send us an email at sales@MyPetIC.com directly if you'd like to become one of our esteemed retailers or partners :)