MyPetIC Collar Tag


Check out the Unboxing, to find out what you will be getting when you purchase your very own Pet Collar Tags! 

Next batch will be collated and sent on TBC (Scroll down for Purchasing FAQ)

Product Description

Our Pet Collar Tags are 5x4cm an ideal size for many breeds. For smaller breeds like Maltipoos, Chihuahuas, Terriers, we do offer smaller sized Collar Tags at 4.5cm x 3.5cm.

Made out of high quality materials, it is waterproof and coated with a layer of  Pet Friendly coating to ensure it withstands scratches and bites from your Furpal !

Remember, portrait photos will be rejected if fringe touches eyebrow ! :)

Sizing Guide

Normal Size Collar Tags - For Furpals bigger than King Charles, Maltese

Small Size Collar Tags - For Furpals as small as Chihuahuas, Maltipoos, Schnauzer


Purchasing FAQ

1) For multiple purchases, simply fill out the form and add to cart.

2) Paw print - Simply snap a photo of your furpal's paw and attach it in the form

3) Under "Other Notes", include any additional information you'd like for us to add onto your tag eg; Microchip number, health conditions of your pet, hastags, Nicknames. This will appear right above our fake barcode

4) Tags are collated in batches and sent in for production. Estimated production time may take up the 2-3 weeks from then. Rest assured that the items will be shipped as soon as they are ready :) 

5) Photos - Photos sent in will be treated as Final. We will not be enhancing the photos on our end. Hence, do ensure that the brightness and sharpness of the photos is up to your liking before sending it over to us :)

**Feel free to drop us a mail at for any queries**

**These are souvenir/novelty items that is NOT meant to be used as an actual Identity Card at any official facility. We are not responsible for owners who choose to use it as an official Identity Card. **


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